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Before answering the below questions in the questionnaire, we would like to ask you to carefully read through the three personas below. This will give you a good understanding of the different levels of investment at RIX.

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Over the last years I have built a strong professional network and currently juggle different projects besides RIX. So, when it comes to my involvement, I have to be most efficient not to lose track of all my different responsibilities.

While I am driven to bring results, love the creative approach RIX is providing to companies on the market and being part of a global team, I am aware that I can only commit a limited time and might not be able to participate in all calls, meetings, etc.


RIX provides me with an environment, where I can leverage my existing professional network, develop my entrepreneurial ambitions, while being part of a global team in a structured virtual environment. 

I am fully aware that B2B sales processes can be lengthy but my passion to design exciting reward solutions for companies paired with a great team support and activities, drives my persistence and willingness to go the extra mile for all the brands out there.  


Over the last years of my career, I have built a strong professional network in a specific industry. With RIX I am part of a company that provides me with the right tools and concepts, to put my experience into practice and bring value to my former industry colleagues and new prospects. 

But it does not stop here. I love to develop organizations and lead other team members to success. I oversee an entire business sector globally within RIX and ensure that we are progressing as a global organization.  




Find out more about RIX Rewards. Here you will get some insights into our current team and countries we are already present in. 


Have a look at our clients and case studies to get a better picture of our global offering. 


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